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Photo Booths Telford Inaugurates New Headquarters at M54 Space Centre, Telford, Signalling a New Dimension in Event Photography Services

Mar 30

Telford, UK

Photo Booths Telford, a pioneer in the world of interactive event photography, is proud to declare the opening of its new office at the M54 Space Centre, Halesfield 8, Telford, TF7 4QN. This significant expansion illustrates the company's drive to transform the photo booth experience in and around Telford.

New Location: A Leap Forward in Service and Accessibility

The choice of the M54 Space Centre for their new office represents a strategic move by Photo Booths Telford. The location offers increased accessibility and a contemporary setting, enabling the company to serve a wider audience with its unique services. This step is a strong testament of the company's goals for growth and excellence in event photography.

Jag Mann, Managing Director of Photo Booths Telford, remarked, “Our new base at the M54 Space Centre is a vital step in our ongoing journey. It provides us with the opportunity to provide our innovative and fun photo booth experiences to a larger audience with increased efficiency and creativity.”

Customizable Photo Booth Services for Every Event Types

Photo Booths Telford is known for providing an expansive range of photo booth options, catering for a myriad of events including corporate functions, weddings, and private parties. The company is committed to offering personalised experiences, featuring a wide array of backdrops, props, and the latest in photo booth technology, to make every event remarkable.

A Commitment to Community Engagement and Client Fulfilment

At the heart of Photo Booths Telford's operations is a deep commitment to not only client satisfaction but also community engagement. The new M54 Space Centre office is set to become a centre for partnership with local businesses and community groups, furthering the company’s involvement in societal development and engagement.

Innovative Technology Meets Artistic Vision

In the fast-evolving realm of event photography, Photo Booths Telford remains on the cutting edge by combining the latest technology with a unique artistic vision. The company's offerings include modern photo booths equipped with high-resolution cameras, interactive interfaces, and options for immediate social media sharing, providing an engaging and contemporary experience.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices at the Forefront

Reflecting a committed approach to business, Photo Booths Telford embraces sustainable practices and ethical operations. The company is focused on minimising its environmental impact through the use of energy-efficient technology and sustainable resources, demonstrating its commitment to ecological stewardship.

Invitation to Experience Innovation and Collaboration

Photo Booths Telford welcomes to clients, event organisers, and the media to visit their new office and learn about the innovative services available. For enquiries and bookings, the team can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone at 01952 443 168.

About Photo Booths Telford

Under the guidance of Managing Director Jag Mann, Photo Booths Telford has emerged as a prominent force in the UK’s event photography industry. Renowned for its cutting-edge approach and focus on memorable experiences, the company's expansion into the M54 Space Centre is poised to transform event photography in the region.


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